Compose Advanced Solutions


Compose Advanced Solutions is a company that devises advanced solutions in the area of (high density fibre optic) connectivity. Compose has knowledge of all possible types of connectivity. However, the emphasis is currently on the nearly limitless opportunities of modern fibre optic networks and, where necessary, on connecting ‘old’ with ‘new’. Whether it concerns FTTH, FTTO, FTTB, FTTC and the like, Compose has a vast array of innovative solutions on offer. Especially for the passive above-ground aspect. Have a look at our page for TELECOM or the various data sheets on the page for TECHNICAL PRODUCT INFORMATION.

Compose’s services offer added value; they help the client achieve the most optimal solution from its own knowledge centre. When doing this, Compose looks not only at the customer’s current needs and possibilities, but expressly also that of tomorrow or the day after. In this way, the chosen solution is always based on the very latest advances in technology, taking into account future developments.

Only once all of the above is clear does Compose Advanced Solutions look at what solutions are best suited to the needs and opportunities of the client. If for such a solution, products are not yet available or not yet sufficiently available, Compose will create a modified or even entirely new product.

To remain entirely up-to-date in this rapidly changing world, Compose works together closely with various universities, colleges and companies active in the field of research and/or innovation. As part of that, mutual knowledge exchange is the major priority.

As the saying goes: the future belongs to the young. For that reason, Compose regularly makes internships available to offer students a platform within which they can expand their knowledge and gain experience.

Compose Advanced Solutions is a modern company and gives form and substance to that by means of a clear mission, vision and core values as well as a clear CSR policy that is appropriate for these times.