Corporate social responsibility

In today’s world, Compose Advanced Solutions believes that it is important to think about the world of tomorrow – not only in the form of knowledge and innovation in its field, but indeed also in the area of corporate social responsibility. Compose does this by following the OESO guidelines in this area. They do this, among other things, by very openly and fully accepting its own responsibility in this area.

Compose uses the following principles: during all business decisions, they strive to achieve reasonable operating returns and they would also like to utilise every opportunity to ensure a more healthy environment and to improve society in general and the well-being of its employees in particular. Compose gives this commitment form by publishing an sustainability report to be drawn up annually.

With regard to limiting CO2 emissions on our planet, Compose works actively on raising awareness. That manifests itself in the company’s desire to reach and maintain level 5 of the CO2 performance ladder. In that context, Compose examines annually how these emissions can be further reduced.

Finally, Compose has the following annual action points, each of which is carried out no later than the 30th of June of the current calendar year:

  • Reviewing the code of conduct and refining the code where required.
  • Issuing a sustainability report in which the above-mentioned points are discussed.
  • Updating the CO2 performance ladder and adjusting it where necessary.

The norms and values of Compose (compliance rules) are described in a code of conduct. This code of conduct is available for inspection by all Compose employees.