Knowledge and innovation

Compose Advanced Solutions is a knowledge-driven organisation where innovation is paramount. The company has been involved in fibre-optic cable since its introduction in the Netherlands and Germany. Because Compose has resolved various fibre optics issues, a large amount of knowledge has already been collected in this area. This knowledge has led to the development of numerous extremely innovative products.

But that’s not where the story ends. The developments continue to be made and at an increasingly faster pace. This is the reason why Compose works together closely with various universities, colleges and countless suppliers in this segment of the market. This enables Compose to carry out its advisory and innovative task day in, day out.

‘Innovative’ is slowly becoming increasingly known as an umbrella term. In other words: a label that is used for everything that deviates in any way from what already exists. For Compose however, innovative means not thinking primarily in terms of its product range for solving cabling/connectivity issues, but rather in terms of the practical situation that they encounter at their clients’ location.

Innovative therefore NOT: which one of the products in our range can we use to solve this problem most effectively?

It IS: what exactly is the problem here and what should the solution ideally look like for the client?
This is a ground-breaking approach that is highly regarded everywhere in the market and is actually also considered innovative.

By innovative, Compose also means that they have already been meeting the client’s need for some time based on the business case, while in this industry that need has traditionally been met based on technology. In this way, Compose is much more interested in the business need behind the technical need that must be met. Experience has taught us that it is precisely on that level that Compose can make a contribution. In many cases, the client’s project costs are substantially lower as a result.

At Compose, innovative mainly means that they regularly bring their own innovative concepts to the market – concepts that are based on generic (future) developments and that Compose then specifically focuses on each of the market segments that they serve. Compose Advanced Solutions: your knowledge partner.