Mission, vision and core values

The mission of Compose Advanced Solutions is in part to ensure optimal connectivity of companies, institutions and people as regards network data communication (multimedia). In that way, they want to create added value for all of those parties, insofar as this relates to the above-ground portion. This is done by making existing knowledge and knowledge still to be developed available to parties and, based on that, achieving the best possible solution for connectivity problems. When doing this, Compose respects people and the environment and contributes to that actively.

We strongly believe in connectivity. As far as we are concerned, connectivity starts with the click you have with us, and vice versa. If we talk past each other, we can never solve your problems properly. Listening to each other, informing each other, asking questions ... All issues that are the basis of a successful collaboration.

We have a modular portfolio that is used as a means and not as a goal, and that is constantly being expanded with new functionalities with which we surprise our customers; a concept and solution package that ensures that we can not only keep up with the digital transformation in the world, but can even be at the forefront of creativity and innovation!

Core Values of Compose Advanced Solutions
The core values of Compose are based on the points to which we as an organisation attach the greatest value. This position forms a strong basis that is the starting point for all of the operations inside and outside of Compose. We strive to put our core values into practice in everything that we do for our clients, suppliers and employees.

  • Integrity
    We believe firmly in the Dutch saying: honesty is the best policy. This is the determining factor for everything that we do, both internally (among staff members) and externally (clients). We create an open and honest atmosphere not only by taking advantage of the options and possibilities in everything that we do, but also by being honest about what is not possible.
  • Innovation based on science
    Innovation and Compose are essentially synonyms. We are convinced that continuous innovation is based on the further expansion of available knowledge and expertise. We encourage internal people to broaden and deepen their knowledge. Externally, we work together with knowledge institutions and companies, and we are fully open to the wishes and needs of our clients.
  • Professionalism
    We are of the opinion that professional people in a professional setting have the best chances of achieving professional results. As part of that, the basic principles are commitment, decisiveness and creativity. These qualities manifest themselves, first and foremost, in a strong connection with the organisation, the clients and the day-to-day work. As a result, issues are taken up decisively and energetically. We not only set goals, but we also do everything to achieve those goals. When required, we do this with creativity. In this way, we always arrive at a suitable solution for any challenge.
  • Customer focus/partnership
    We do all we can to be a true partner for our clients. In this way, we want to transcend the function of a company that only delivers the agreed-upon services/products. We focus on maintaining a positive attitude towards the client: genuine interest for their needs and the absolute will to offer them perfect solutions. When doing this, a healthy balance must be maintained between the interests of the client and the interests of Compose. The response of the client is always taken seriously and, where necessary, the organisation is actively adapted.
  • Profitability of everyone’s investments
    We want to achieve maximum profitability of investments for all parties that contribute to this: our clients, partners, shareholders, management and employees. In fact, added value must be created for all of the parties involved, both in the short term and the long term. Herein lies the organisation’s raison d’etre. This is given form and content by working with a strategic multiyear vision and the interests of all of the involved parties will be taken into account in this process.
  • Environmental consciousness
    It is clear that every action taken by the company has an effect on the environment and also causes CO2 emissions. We want to do everything possible to limit the impact on the environment as much as possible, or to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible. We think carefully about how a product can be produced with the least possible material losses, we ensure actively separate collection of waste materials and we keep an open eye out for recyclability. By also having an SRE and CO2 policy for this in place, we actively contribute to the environment.