Data centres

Compose Advanced Solutions operates in numerous market segments. Data centres (DC) is one of these. Within this segment, Compose focuses on the one hand on the enterprise clients that consciously decided to manage the ICT applications and the infrastructure itself as an owner. The other target group within this segment is formed by the commercial data centre owners that can serve the enterprise clients by making space (housing) available in a data centre.

Various options for managing ICT applications
For the enterprise clients, it is important that they choose whether or not they would like to remain owner of the ICT applications and the infrastructure. The question here is whether this applies to the entire package or is of strict importance for the critical ICT applications and infrastructure. This presents a number of options:

  1. All ICT applications and infrastructure under your own management in a private data centre.
  2. Using a commercial data centre as a housing service while remaining full owner of the ICT applications and the infrastructure.
  3. A combination of the two above-mentioned options, also known as a hybrid configuration.
  4. A partnership with a ICT service provider that manages the ICT applications and the infrastructure within its ICT environment (hosting).

As you would expect of a flexible, knowledge-driven organisation like Compose, you are not limited to these four choices. You have the absolute freedom to make combinations of these options. Often it is the critical business applications that determine what the most practical/ideal solution is for you. Would you like to keep it all under your own control, or just a portion? And what applications are those?

It goes without saying that Compose, with all of their knowledge and experience, can advise you in this area.

How is Compose Advanced Solutions able to provide you such good service?
By offering insight into how the market is structured and thanks to the exceptionally agile organisation, Compose is able like no other to devise solutions for the specific opportunities of its clients. When doing this, they never think in terms of a product, but always from the perspective of the client and the solution to his issue. Compose can also be the knowledge partner for you.
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