Compose Advanced Solutions is active in several market sectors. Telecom is one such sector. Telecom providers deliver services and content to consumers and companies. This content is comprised of television/video, telephoning and Internet.

For example, within telecom, Compose services customers or providers with data centres and infrastructure. These might, for example, be telecom operators, carriers, providers of power grids and owners of infrastructure on industrial sites or fringe areas.

Knowledge of the Telecom Market 
This has been an explicit focus of Compose for years now; its knowledge and expertise with regards to the telecom sector are exceptional. Compose is a centre of knowledge in this field, constantly expanding its knowledge base further. Which also serves as the basis for customer relations: Compose is a knowledge partner. Additionally, this knowledge will yield innovative products time and time again.

A brief glance at the connectivity market: both companies and individual consumers are constantly in contact with one another. Technological developments ensure that this connectivity continues to expand and deepen. Think of:

  • Internet of Things: smart devices based on 'low-power long-range' infrastructure
  • High‑tech sensors for agriculture
  • Self-driving cars and trucks
  • 5G technology
  • Wi-Fi networks via infrared light (100 x faster)

Whatever the case, Compose is involved with the processing of video, audio and data signals from source to end user.

The Merkel administration endeavours via its “Offensive der Netzallianz zum Ausbau gigabitfähiger konvergenter Netze bis 2025” towards a thorough 'glassing' of the entirety of Germany, and thus executing upon this provision. Compose can only embrace such an initiative. Not to mention the fact that Compose is fully supporting this initiative via its competence as a knowledge-driven, highly innovative company. This is achieved not only by providing support to all relevant parties as a knowledge partner, but also by continuously striving towards new, innovative products to continuously lift this striving towards connectivity to the next level.

The coming years will also see the gradual, phased roll-out of 5G technology, which will provide a key contribution to connectivity. No matter what, receiving content will remain the most important facet, though the availability of ever faster connections will continue to broaden.

Solution-driven thinking
FTTX and more. Whether it concerns FTTH, FTTO, FTTB, FTTC and the like, Compose has a vast array of innovative solutions on offer. Especially for the passive above-ground aspect. Have a look at our page for Telecom or the various data sheets on the page for Technical Product Information.

For PON, GPON and NGPON2 networks, Compose already has many specially developed products available, such as the complete range of Front Loaded Cassettes. With this concept, Compose offers a distinctive breadth of functionalities to address connectivity problems in the field of (high-density) fibre optics. The concept is based on cassettes that can be applied together with one another and used by one another. The modular nature of this concept makes it perfectly scalable, not to mention easy to integrate into existing network environments.

The first in this product line is the Front Loaded Optical Distribution Frame (FLODF). This unit was developed for the fast, easy splicing of large volumes of fibre optics. The extendible cassettes make the patching with patching cables, even with tight occupation, very user friendly. Thanks to their standard width, these cassettes will fit in a standard 19‑inch rack. With the use of special mounting brackets, mounting in an ETSI rack is also possible.

The Front Loaded Angled Splitter Cassette (FLASC) is one of the components of the Front Loaded concept and offers a great breadth of splitter functionality. The FLASC cassettes can be supplied to suit various splitter variants for a range of different purposes and can also be configured to accommodate the customer's wishes.

The FLASC concept is applied, among other things, in (G)PON and Point-To-Point networks where different users are connected to a single fibre. Thanks to pre-mounting and final checks, the implementation times are significantly shortened and optimal performance is assured.

For WDM or CWDM, or DWDM applications, the Front Loaded Angled Multiplexing Cassette (FLAMC) is available. These cassettes with integrated MUX and/or DEMUX units are suitable for a vast variety of different applications, such as the improvement of bandwidth in the core network. (also see the different product pamphlets under TECHNICAL PRODUCT INFORMATION)

Compose also provides completely furnished PoPs. A PoP refers to a Point of Presence; a station where the myriad different fibres from the homes connect to the net. These facilities are configured via consultations with the client and, if desirable, delivered on-site fully mounted. To simplify the process of obtaining a building permit, the exterior can be fully tailored to particular wishes or needs.

How can Compose Advanced Solutions be of such great use to you? 
Thanks to our insight into the inner workings of the market, the constantly expanding pool of knowledge and an exceedingly agile organisational structure, Compose is able to think of solutions to customer's specific problems like no other. No cookie-cutter solutions, but solutions tailor made for you: installation, delivery, certification and everything that entails. Compose delivers exactly what you need.
Are you interested or do you have any questions? Contact Compose without obligation via +31 73 624 22 26, send us an email or click here for the questions form. We'll quickly get in touch with you!